International Financial Reporting Standards (Ifrs)

The aim of our IFRS consulting services department is to provide a tailored service for our clients in order to accompany them in the transition to IFRS.

Our experienced and specialized team is composed of experts in each industry and each standard. The team includes specialists in areas such as accounting, tax, regulatory capital, processes, controls and systems.

Here are a few of the key services we provide for IFRS:

With a sound financial reporting knowledge and industry experience, our IFRS experts can design/engineer accounting and financial reporting processes without much hassle.

Our approach is therefore aimed at capturing the benefits and assisting you in maximising their potential. Our proposed approach to the work on an advisory basis and why we are best placed to work with you on your IFRS conversion project. We look forward to walking you through our approach and to gaining your confidence in what we can deliver.

Why Al-Salama CPAs Member of KUDOS Global? We will ideally positioned to assist you for several valuable reasons:

Local IFRS conversions expertise:

The team consists of locally based conversion specialists and have significant hands-on involvement in supporting implementation projects.

Knowledge transfer :

We will work closely with you and your people throughout the project.

Flexible approach and competitive fee structure:

We are keen to undertake this work with you to ensure you get what you are looking for in an open and transparent manner.

We also rendering the following IFRS consulting services:

  • IFRS adoption and implementation
  • Implementation assistance with complex standards such as IFRS 9, IFRS 16 and IFRS 15
  • GAP analysis
  • Impairment testing and modelling
  • Revenue Recognition Processes and Controls
  • Training and knowledge transfer process
  • Preparation and development of reporting manuals
  • Developing a plan for sustainability
  • Assistance in redrafting of IFRS accounting policies in line with changes in accounting standards or adoptions.
  • Review employees benefits actuarial calculation.

We promise our clients a smooth and timely completion of the transition, with morale and authority. Our team of experts are always up-to-date on the impacts in different entities and well placed to assist you and your employees.

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